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Thigh Pain

Anterior Thigh

Pain at the front of the thigh is commonly caused by straining the quadriceps, although the upper lumbar spine may also refer here. The femoral nerve can also become entrapped as it leaves the pelvis. Unbalanced quadriceps can cause an uneven pull on the patella (knee cap) and cause a burning pain at the front of the knee. The quadriceps are easily treated through the soft tissue manipulation and muscle energy techniques of Osteopathy.

Posterior Thigh

Pain in the posterior thigh can be referred from the lumbar spine, or from compression of the sciatic nerve, most commonly from a tight piriformis. The hamstrings can also be easily strained from overuse, or shortened due to long periods of sitting. Pelvic dysfunction can also cause a change in tension on the hamstrings as the origin of the muscle is changed. Again Osteopathic treatment is effective in treating the soft tissues of the thigh.

Lateral and Medial Thigh

Pain on the outside of the thigh is very often due to a tight iliotibial band. This is a long ligamentous structure running all the way down the side of the thigh. If it becomes contracted, it can become very painful and also alter knee mechanics, as it attaches to the knee and sends fibres to the patella. The muscles of the inner thigh are the adductors, and these pull the leg towards the midline of the body. Groin strain is an injury of the adductors, where they insert on the pelvis. The adductors and iliotibial band can be also be treated through soft tissue manipulation and stretching exercises. The soft tissue changes may be secondary to an alterations in biomechanical dysfunction. Osteopaths are experts in integrating their knowlege of biomechanics into how the patient's symptoms have occured. This ensures that, where possible, the root cause of the problem is addressed rather than just symptomatic treatment.

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